kojin kyoto

Mix use building for
your creative expressions in Kyoto.



「kojin kyoto」

千年の都、京都。今なお古都の面影が残る町に、新たな場を作りました。鴨川のほとり、東に北に山の稜線を望む風光明媚な地で、クリエイターたちが多様に自らの創作を表現できる空間。そう、ここは次世代の文化を創造するために生まれた場所。イベントスペース「kojin kyoto」は、好奇心旺盛な人々のボーダレスな交流と躍動を応援します。

kojin kyoto, a place where new cultures are born
A view of the world from the foot of the Kojin Bridge in Kyoto
Kyoto, the capital of a thousand years. We have created a new space in the town where traces of the ancient capital still remain. This is a space for creators to express their creativity in a variety of ways in a scenic location on the banks of the Kamo River, with a view of the mountain ridges to the east and north. kojin kyoto offers a space to create the next generation of culture. The event venue kojin kyoto promotes borderless exchange and dynamism among people with inquisitive minds.



「kojin kyoto」、そこは京都の特等席。

「kojin kyoto」は、他に類を見ない創造のための場です。鴨川のほとりに建つという利点を最大限に生かし、建物と自然がシームレスにつながる唯一無二のエキジビション空間に。京都のおおらかな自然に抱かれているような居心地の良さのなか、様々なクリエーションを優しく演出してくれます。

kojin kyoto is one of the best located facilities in Kyoto.
It is a special place where a human-made space is seamlessly
connected to nature.
kojin kyoto is an unparalleled space for creativity. Taking full advantage of its location on the banks of the Kamo River, kojin kyoto is a one-of-a-kind exhibition space that seamlessly connects buildings with nature. Feel embraced by nature in the midst of Kyoto, in a space that offers a stage for a wide range of creations.